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Hygiene Collection
Our hygiene collection offers products to clean and sterilise tools and equipment,
but also contains an antiseptic hand wash and our new sanitising gel which has
proven to be a hit with the working therapist.
Manicure & Pedicure
Our manicure and pedicure range offers therapists a choice of products to complement either a general or luxury manicure or pedicure. Having the choice of hand & foot masks, cuticle creams, foot soaks and revitalising mists. The manicure range contains extracts of camphor for its warming and skin softening properties, whilst the pedicure range contains extracts of Peppermint, Tea tree and essential oil of Lavender for their refreshing and revitalising properties.

Waxing System
Our waxing system is a complete range offering a pre wax lotion, after wax oil and after wax lotion, now available in a litre size. Plus an equipment cleaner a must for keeping your wax pot in tip top condition.
We have a selection of waxes from warm honey wax, cream waxes and a tea tree wax, along with the increasingly popular Brazilian hot wax which comes in pellets and has the added extracts of rose. All of which are essential to the demands of this popular method of hair removal.
We have a popular tinting range which offers a choice of colours for the eyelashes or eyebrows along with peroxide and protective sheets these can be purchased individually or in a kit form, which is a must for any therapist.

Facial Therapy
Our simple yet effective facial therapy range has three different skin care ranges, normal/dry, oily/combination and mature all of them containing a cleanser, toner, mask and moisturisers, enabling the therapist to offer a mini facial. If you want to add that little bit of luxury we have eye products, massage mediums and exfoliant, to maximise the facial treatment.

Within the facial therapy range there is a mask starter kit which include powders;
• Fullers earth
• Kaolin
• Calamine
• Fine oatmeal
• Magnesium carbonate and active liquid ingredients
• Rose water
• Witch hazel
• Orange flower water
The therapist can also have the benefit of adding glycerine to their kit making the mask a non setting mask, tailoring to the clients skin type.

Our body selection is a simple one offering a choice of oils and creams to vary the massage medium used by the therapist. We also include a eau de cologne as a finishing product to leave the client feeling refreshed after any massage.
Electrical Therapy
Our electrical therapy product range offers support to any machine whether it be the faradic conductive gel, the high frequency oxygenating cream or the micro current lifting gel with collagen.

The implement section is a vast and wide range giving you the selection of various tweezers, scissors, cuticle tools, files and nippers all of which can be used in the auto clave, plus a selection of make up brushes, mask sponges, head bands and towelling mitts.
Body Contour Wrap
To finish our range we have the highly effective and extremely popular Body Contour Wrapping system, which is exclusive to Bellitas and the Strictly Professional range. It is an inch loss treatment using a unique blend of essential oils in an Aloe Vera based gel. The Body Contour Wrap uses a combination of specialist bandaging techniques and Body Contour Gel to improve clients skin tone, texture and help reduce cellulite. The treatment can be offered as a course or a single treatment for a special occasion, depending on clients needs


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